Simone Odaranile found her passion for rhythm through dance. From the age of three up until she was fourteen she spent a sufficient amount of her youth dancing and feeling the rhythm through the soles of her feet. With tap being a percussive dance and striking the floor as a form of percussion led Simone to the drums.
Simone's father purchased her first drum kit for her at eleven years old, from a young age he would play Nirvana to Simone on cassette tapes which led her to Dave Grohl who was the first drummer she ever heard.
From Dave Grohl Simone then progressed to gather inspiration from drummers such as Buddy Rich, Chad Smith, John Otto, Abe Cunningham, Thomas Lang and Travis Barker who continues to inspire Simone almost every day.
Simone is a full member of UK band The Go! Team and has toured extensively all over the world. Destinations such as America, Japan, China, Europe and of course the United Kingdom.
Simone has been interviewed by Drummer Magazine, Modern Drummer Magazine, TOMTOM and many many more. From these publications lead Simone to be endorsed by Natal Drums, Zildjian, Vater and Protection Racket.
She has been personally complimented by artists such as Mike Joyce from The Smiths and Jamie Morrison from The Noisettes/Stereophonics. Having musicians such as these recognise Simone’s talent inspired her to realise her musical accomplishments. She could not be more appreciative and this has lead her to be honest and optimistic about her future. The musical background that she has already maintained has lead Simone to be able to adapt to multiple styles and she has become extremely versatile.
Simone’s passion and dedication for drumming shows every single day and it only continues to grow.
Credit - Emily Jane Gammons